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Academic and Student Services


It is important that student-athletes are able to balance the successful completion of their academic requirements while still competing in their sport. Issues such as time management, academic course requirements, athletic responsibilities as a team member, family responsibilities and possibly a part-time job make their lives complex. Thus, the following academic support services are provided to our GWC athletes.


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GWC Student-Athlete Academic Support Services

GWC Student-Athlete Academic Counselor: Mike Miles

Your GWC Athletic Counselor assists all student-athletes by reviewing their academic record, reviewing community college eligibility, and creating abbreviated and comprehensive Student Educational Plans tailored to the athletic and academic goals. Every plan is different as every athlete is different: Academic plans are tailored to each student’s situation with consideration to course load, work hours, family responsibilities, athletic participation (travel, practices, workouts) etc.

Athletic Counselor support includes:

- Student Educational Plan (SEP) – A semester by semester breakdown of all coursework necessary to achieve the academic goal
- Assistance with class scheduling
- Review of Athletic Eligibility Requirements - Community College, NCAA Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA
- Clarification of Educational Goals (Certificate, Transfer programs)
- Review of Graduation requirements for Associate Degree
- Referrals to Student Service Programs (EOPS, DSPS, Tutoring/Writing Center, Student Health Center, Financial Aid)
- Communication with recruiting institutions’ Compliance Officers


Student-Athlete Success Programs (SASP)

GWC Student-Athlete Success Program (SASP) was implemented in 2014 to bring the type of academic support that the student-athletes deserve in order to further their academic opportunities while also showcasing their athletic skills. All of which, would allow the student-athletes to either transfer to a four-year educational institution or successfully complete their community college degree.

Student-Athlete Success Center

After three years, the SASP includes a Student-Athlete Success Center with laptops that can be checked out while in the Center with free printing. The professional monitors chosen to run the Center are all former intercollegiate athletes who have earned a college degree and act as academic assistants and mentors to the student-athletes while studying in the Center.

Student-Athlete Tutoring Program

The Student-Athlete program was first created to ensure that our entering student-athletes would receive the type of math tutoring that would lead to success in all levels of required math courses. Our tutors are hand-picked from four-year institutions that have not only excelled in their math courses but have extensive experience in tutoring all levels of math from Beginning Algebra to Calculus 3 and Statistics. It is important, however, to understand that tutoring is only successful if the student truly seeks and understands the importance of the help. That’s why we have an excellent staff of former intercollegiate athletes who are always available for assistance, understanding what it takes to be a successful student-athlete in their sport and especially in the classroom.

Student-Athlete Mentoring Program

The other two components of the SASP are experienced tutors in math and writing skills and, most importantly, a Student-Athlete Mentor Program. The Student-Athlete Mentor program, created by a former intercollegiate athlete, Dan Matulis, with a Masters’ of Science in Kinesiology: Sport Psychology is a detailed week-by-week program that was established in 2016 to provide Student-Athletes exceptional academic support through paring Student-Athletes with Academic Mentors. Academic Mentors are specially trained Coaches that exhibit strong skills in Counseling, Teaching, and Organization. Through working one-on-one, Student-Athletes receive the academic support they need in a way that is specific, accessible, and relatable to their current academic and athletic situations. Skills that Student-Athletes gain as a result of receiving this high level of academic support include: Test taking strategies, study skills, note taking, academic writing, communication, time management, goal setting, increasing motivation, and developing personal accountability.

Student-Athlete Academic All Star Celebration

To be honored as a GWC Student-Athlete Academic All Star, they must have earned a 3.0 CUM, GPA or higher in all their courses. In 2015, the GWC Athletic Department celebrated the superb academic success of 73 student-athletes. In 2018, we honored 133 outstanding student-athletes (34% of the student-athlete population) who have earned the distinction of being named 2018 GWC Student-Athlete Academic All Stars. Sixty-three of these Student-Athletes earned 3.5 or higher with eight of them with a perfect 4.0. Dignitaries from Golden West College as well from the Coast Community College District board attended the celebration as did faculty members, directors of GWC academic support programs, faculty members, family and friends. This celebration showcases that GWC student-athletes can do it all; on the field, in the pool, in the gym and especially in the classroom.



Why Choose Golden West College

GWC Graduates' Earnings are the Highest in Southern California and 3rd highest in the state!

Transfer to CSU in 2 years - Guaranteed when you sign up for the program and enroll in one of the eleven selected Associate Degree for Transfer majors! Priority Registration is included.

GWC offers an Associate in Arts (AA) degree, a strong university transfer program, career/technical education, general education, community services, and student support services. It provides a safe and secure location, a multicultural environment, and an active student body.

GWC is ideal for International Students, too!
• Specialists in International Student Advising
• Dedicated International Student Academic Counselors
• Reputable and varied academic programs in over 60 major areas
• Strong university transfer program
• Affordable education – spend half as much money on university transfer courses
• Convenient short-term, certificate programs
• Highly effective Student Success and Tutorial Centers
• Personalized attention and small class sizes
• Practical Training advisement
• Scholarship opportunities*
• Attractive location and campus
• Safe, secure environment. Considered one of the ten safest cities by City Crime Rankings

GWC Academic Support Services:
Learning Resource Center (LRC): GWC centralized Student Success Center that provides all enrolled students the following academic support assistance
Writing and Reading Center assists with writing essays and research papers in any subject area as well as understanding college text books
Tutorial Center provides group tutoring and drop-in tutoring for all students in many subject areas. 
Student Computer Center provides HP and MAC computers and provides access to scanners, printers and computer programs such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Adobe CS Suite and more.
Summer Jump Start Program: Free review workshops during the summer for students who want to improve their math or English and retake their placement tests. 

GWC Student Support Services:
Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities and can participate in all facets of campus life. 
Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) assists low income/educationally disadvantaged students successful complete a post- secondary education. 
International Student Program (ISP) is committed to international student success with specialized academic counseling and special international student activities.

GWC General Academic Information:
GWC Academic Calendar
College 100: Becoming A Successful Student: This course is designed to teach the skills and techniques necessary to succeed in college courses such as goal setting, problem solving, time management which is crucial for a student-athlete, learning styles, study methods and where to go on campus for academic assistance
Financial Aid
GWC Admissions